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Video: Drone captures Detroit’s springtime beauty

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Amidst all the development and real estate news, a new video has caught our attention as the flowers and trees start to blossom and bloom into springtime in Detroit. The drone video, created by Anthony & Darci Essmaker of A+D Photography, captures the Riverfront and Belle Isle from sunrise to sunset on a particularly pretty spring day.

On Belle Isle, we see the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon, and a personal favorite, the Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse. The lighthouse, built of marble, is fenced off to visitors, and located on the far east end of the island. We also see some freighters passing in the river. Such is spring.

The drone then captures the east riverfront, which will of course undergo quite a bit of change in the next few years. As we move into this busy season, it’s nice to take a moment and enjoy the natural beauty here in the city.