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Spring into Corktown to celebrate the season, unveil new sculpture

May 20

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit’s oldest neighborhood will celebrate the warmer weather May 20. A new event called Spring into Corktown will offer volunteer and fitness opportunities, business tours, and a new sculpture.

The celebration begins with beautifying efforts from Motor City Makeover. Guests can register here and should plan to meet in Roosevelt Park at 9 a.m. Bagels and coffee will be provided.

At 11 a.m., a new sculpture will be unveiled at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 14th Street. The sculpture is sponsored by Hatch Detroit and Strategic Staffing Solutions and was created by artists Erik and Israel Nordin. According to a release, “The industrial carbon and stainless steel installation will soar 18 feet tall at the intersection of 14th St. and Michigan Avenue. Six pillars at the base represent the six branches of American military service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. Atop the structure will perch two globes illuminated by solar power.”

Starting at noon, fitness classes will be offered at the corner of Trumbull and Porter at the Dean Savage Memorial Park. Classes will be run through Citizen Yoga, True Body Fitness, and Detroit’s Morning Beats.

At 1 p.m., a Kid’s Corner will be open at Bagley & Trumbull. This will include a Poetry Open Mic, crafts, and games.

From 12-5, a Corktown Shuttle Service will be available through McShane’s to visit businesses, retail, and restaurants throughout the neighborhood.

More info and a full schedule can be found on the Facebook event page.