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Charming Hubbard Farms home asks $200K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last year, a lot of talk started in Detroit around the idea of 20 minute neighborhoods, or a neighborhood where you should be able to walk within a 20 minute radius and get what you need (groceries, school, etc.). While this is a big dream for the vast majority of neighborhoods in Detroit, there are some areas of Southwest Detroit where this is pretty close to reality. Hubbard Farms is located near so many restaurants and shops, and it’s filled with grand old houses. This four bedroom, one and a half bath home just listed for $199,900.

Are there parts of the house we’d like to update? Of course. The kitchen is unusual. There’s potential for a bedroom or extra living space on the third floor. The house is loaded with charm, though. It still has great woodwork, big windows, beautiful floors, and pocket doors. It’s located on West Grand Boulevard, close to the Mexicantown restaurants. We’re curious to see what this one sells for, as we’re inclined to think it’s listed too high, but it’s a pretty great house, and we’ve certainly been wrong from time to time. Here’s a look inside.