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Southwest Victorian needs work, asks $59K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This is one of those listings with so much potential, but quite a few issues the new owner will have to deal with. First, like so many other great Southwest homes, this house has incredible woodwork and original details.

The location is tricky. It’s on Junction, very close to the I-75 service drive. It will also be fairly close to the future Gordie Howe Bridge. It’s next to a funeral home, and a Curbed tipster who walked through it this week told us it used to be part of that funeral home. It has fairly large rooms on the first floor, and an apartment on the second floor. Live/work/haunted house opportunity? It’ll take a ton of work to get that carpet, drop ceilings, and wallpaper out, and that basement looks super creepy. The house is 2,500 square feet, with two bedrooms, two full and one half bath. It’s listing for $59,000 through O’Connor Real Estate. Great potential? Odd location? Creepy past? Let us know what you think.