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West Village multi-family property lists for $1.2M

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This listing could have some interesting options. Located at Lafayette and Parker in West Village, this property has four townhomes that are all currently being rented. They’re listing as one property and the new owner could potentially sell the townhouses individually. It’s listing for $1,200,000.

Each townhouse is 3,000 square feet and the utilities are separate between each. They do have some kitchen and bath updates and look to be in good condition. There haven’t been many single-family homes listed for sale in West Village in the past year, and the thought of selling these as townhomes could be an intriguing idea. Is it asking too much as a whole? At $100 per square foot, it’s on par with other properties in the area in good condition. The property is just down the street from the businesses and shops on Agnes Street, and close to Belle Isle and the Riverfront. It’s listed through Hawkins Realty Group.