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Detroit cracks the list of fastest growing tech towns in the U.S.

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We know that the thought of the relatively low rent in Detroit is appealing to many searching for jobs. A study by ABODO found the Motor City attractive because of its rent, and we’ve seen that Detroit may be a good city for women in tech. Now, Detroit has been named as the 16th fastest growing tech town by job search site Ziprecruiter.

The job search engine looked through their database of 8 million jobs to capture year over year growth in tech jobs by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the top jobs in tech by MSA. It then ranked the top 20 areas and included:

  • The top 5 tech jobs in each MSA.
  • The median salaries for early and mid-career tech workers in each MSA (via PayScale),
  • Median rents and home sales prices for each MSA (via Trulia).

Detroit came in just behind Denver and ahead of Tampa.

Detroit, MI

Growth in tech jobs YoY: 81.1%

Top tech jobs:

1. Project Manager

2. Software Engineer

3. Quality Engineer

4. Systems Engineer

5. Application Engineer

Early Career Median Pay: $59,600

Mid Career Median Pay: $94,400

Median rent: $750

Median home price: $57,000

The full list can be found here.

To note: Detroit’s median rent and home price are well below every other city on the list, and the closest to Cleveland, which came in at #12. That $750 median rent can seem difficult to find, but sometimes we try.