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Rehab these Corktown homes, yours for $540K

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Also included: land

Photos by James Tumey

A new listing in Corktown has not one, not two, but three old homes ready to rehab. The sale would also include the lot behind them, which was once home to an apartment building. The cost for all of it? $540,000.

The home at 2019 Dalzelle has a porch with some pretty incredible details. The house could be rehabbed into a duplex or a single-family home.

The homes at 2087 and 2081 Vermont are each about 1,200-square-foot bungalows. The land behind could be redeveloped into more residential — rowhouses, townhouses, or something completely new? The properties are located a block off of Michigan Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard, walking distance from Corktown shops and restaurants. Can anyone save this poor house from drop ceilings and old carpet? What might you do with these homes, Curbed readers? They’re listed by James Tumey at 586-419-6271 or Here are a few interior shots.