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Tour the historic Corktown neighborhood this weekend

Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard

This year’s annual Corktown Home and Garden Tour is a little different than past years. Since the historic neighborhood has such a mix of residential and retail, the Corktown Historical Society is calling it the Corktown Neighborhood Tour, and it will cover homes, apartment buildings, and more.

The tour is Sunday, June 4 from 12-5 p.m. and tickets are $15 per person. The tour will include buildings constructed from the 1840s to the early 1900s. Included on the tour are Spaulding Court Apartments, Hostel Detroit, the Three Squared shipping container house, churches, the worker’s row houses, individual homes, and one historic building that was one slated for demolition by the city and is in the process of being restored. A retail fair will be held inside the Gaelic League. Mounted police will be on hand and trolley bus shuttles with tour guides on them will be available.

Tickets can be purchased here and wrist bands can be picked up at the Gaelic League (2068 Michigan Ave) or The Farmer's Hand in the Bagley Trumbull Market at 1701 Trumbull Ave.