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Sold home updates from Lafayette Park, New Center, Islandview, and more

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We’ve noticed many homes that we’ve been keeping an eye on coming up as sold over the last few weeks. One thing’s for sure: move-in ready houses go quickly and prices are rising in some key neighborhoods. Is there a house you’re waiting for an update on? Let us know in the comments or drop us a note on the tip line. Here we go.

This excellent renovation in Cherboneau Place raised the bar in this Lafayette Park community. This two-bedroom co-op offered an affordable place close to downtown. For $74,900, it listed well above other units in the building. But the renovation was a hit. It had an offer within a few hours and sold for $76,000.

Islandview has been pretty unpredictable this year, with high asking prices and some full price offers in the neighborhood close to Belle Isle and West Village. This nearly 3,000-square-foot home looked like it needed some work, and its $250,000 asking price might be a little high. This turned out to be the case, but it still snagged $215,000.

Readers were not convinced that a one-bedroom loft in Midtown was worth the $329,000 asking price. Sure, but inventory will determine what people will pay. This one is just under 800 square feet, and sold for $315,000, or $397 per square foot.

This house located on Virginia Park Street next to the Lodge was aiming high with a $415,000 price tag after being sold for $295,000 not so long ago. A house just down the street that sold recently garnered $395,500, which had to help this sale. This one just sold for $380,000.

This University District house had a low asking price comparatively in the neighborhood. We’ve seen others hover around the $400K mark, and this handsome looking house that still had some nice original details was listing for $219,900. It just sold for $216,000.