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Sold home updates from Corktown, University District, Boston-Edison, and more

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Today, we’re catching up with a few homes on our radar that have recently sold. We’re seeing a lot of these go for around their asking price, and Islandview continues to surprise us. Is there a house you’re watching? Let us know in the comments or on the tip line.

We often don’t see lofts sell so quickly, but this two-bedroom Grinnell Place loft was listed in early May and just closed. We thought it was quite nice, even cozy, and close to so much in Corktown. It listed for $379,900 and just sold for $385,000, or $335 per square foot. FYI, there’s a spectacular loft listing here soon.

This odd-looking house in the University District was priced lower than some of the bigger, more updated homes we’ve seen. It had a weird mix of some old character and some questionable renovations. It listed in late April for $239,900 and just sold for $237,000.

Readers weren’t super crazy about this Sherwood Forest listing, although it has nice curb appeal and some of the character has been maintained. The lack of kitchen photos didn’t help. We haven’t seen many listings in this neighborhood this year. This one went up for $325,000 in April and just sold for asking price.

This Boston-Edison home didn’t list with the best photos, but we could tell this was a pretty impressive home. It had beautiful wood floors, lots of light, and it’s been recently renovated. It listed in April for $275,000 and just sold for $290,000.

It’s been quite the year in Islandview, and we were surprised to see this newer build list for $179,900. The house is a little out of the way, just west of Grand Boulevard. But it is move-in ready, which is hard to find around here. It sold for $125,000.