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First look inside The Siren Hotel in the Wurlitzer Building

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

One of the most anticipated renovations in Detroit, and one we’re asked about the most, is the Wurlitzer Building. Literally falling apart a few years ago, the 1926 building was bought by ASH NYC in 2015. The new hotel will be called The Siren Hotel and the group is planning to open it in October or November this year.

ASH NYC held a limited preview of the building to give a sample of what’s to come.

Why a Siren? According to ASH NYC, the name is a metaphor inspired by Greek mythology, calling people to the city.

Chief Creative Officer Will Cooper told Curbed they really only had the bones of the building to work with, but found design cues throughout for inspiration. They researched the history of the building and tried to incorporate Art Deco references into the design.

The hotel will have 106 guest rooms, two retail spaces, a rooftop deck, and seven food & beverage spaces. The neighboring 1515 Broadway will also be part of the retail/food space. The Social Club Barbershop by Sebastian Jackson and Pot & Box will set up in the retail space. A mural by British artist Quentin Jones will be painted on the exterior of the hotel.

The design aesthetic will have soft whites and pinks contrasted with deep oxblood and navy, vaulted arch ceilings, and a mix of vintage and custom furniture, including ASH NYC’s own line of furniture.

There’s still a lot of work to do before the opening. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from the rooms, with a few original details along the way.

Part of a ceiling
The exterior of the Wurlitzer Building in Detroit. The facade is white with multiple windows. There is an elevated train track in front of the building and a street intersection. Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard