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City sells land in Delray for Gordie Howe International Bridge

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Residents can stay or get a renovated home

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

We’re getting a clearer idea of what the impact of the upcoming Gordie Howe Bridge could look like for residents of Delray and Southwest Detroit. The City of Detroit just announced an agreement with the State of Michigan in a $48 million deal involving a neighborhood improvement fund, job training, air and health monitoring for Southwest Detroit, and water & lighting.

The City has sold 36 city-owned parcels of land, underground assets, and about five miles of city-owned streets to MDOT and the State of Michigan. More specifics on the deal can be found here.

More than 450 Detroit families will be impacted by the upcoming construction. $33 million is going into a neighborhood improvement fund. Residents south of I-75 can choose to stay in their homes or move to another renovated home (think Rehabbed & Ready) in a different Detroit neighborhood. Residents north of I-75 can relocate or have their current homes retrofitted for insulation, windows and HVAC systems. Basically, more homes around the city will be rehabbed for families willing to relocate.

The Department of Housing and Revitalization will help those who want to relocate and the City will be running the renovation program.

I-75 will be widened for the increase in truck traffic. Construction on the bridge should start in 2018.