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Long vacant Boston-Edison home now restored, asking $450K

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Photography by Tiffany Le Photography and KLOCKTOWER Media Group

One of our most popular homes in 2016 was this beautifully restored home at 2024 Edison, which was done by a group called Batton Homes. The group has finished another renovation which just hit the market. 2509 Longfellow has five bedrooms, three full and two half baths, and has gorgeous original details and woodwork. It’s listing for $449,900.

Like their last house, this is no ordinary flip. The 1923 house had been vacant for years. You can see a slew of before photos on their website, showing neglect and damage. Gross carpeting covered the floors, paint was peeling off, woodwork had been painted. But like many of us who can see the potential in these homes, they were able to see the details that still existed and restore them back. One of the most noticeable differences is in the living room, which had a beautiful fireplace hiding under some hideous paint.

The kitchen had been gutted before. Now, a beautiful modern kitchen leads to the backyard.

And doesn’t this lead to a more pleasant dining experience?

The house is 3,242 square feet, with new systems, new roof, a deck and balcony, and a two-car garage. There’s an open house on Wednesday, June 28 from 6-9 p.m. for anyone who wants to check it out in person. It’s listed through Gaye Butler at Robinson Realty.

2509 Longfellow