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Inner Circle Greenway takes big step toward reality

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Dequindre Cut Bike Path After
Dequindre Cut Bike Path
Michelle & Chris Gerard

The most ambitious greenway project in Detroit has had a busy month. And thanks to two big announcements, Detroiters could soon ride from the Riverfront to 8 Mile on dedicated bike paths along the Inner Circle Greenway.

The biggest announcement came last week, when the city of Detroit reached an agreement with Conrail for 7.5 miles of old railroad property. The agreement is for 76 acres of land for $4.3 million.

The 7.5 mile stretch is along the Detroit Terminal Railroad that supplied resources to assemble Ford Model T automobiles. The property runs through many Detroit neighborhoods, and also through Highland Park and the Dearborn border. The path will have bike lanes, pedestrian paths, seating, lighting, public safety elements, and other amenities.

Earlier this month, the Detroit Greenways Coalition received a $5,000 grant from the Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund to support the Inner Circle Greenway work on 1.4 miles through Highland Park.

The Greenway will connect neighborhoods and green spaces throughout the city, like Palmer Park, Clark Park, Lasky Park, and the Riverfront.

At this point, all the land acquisition for the Inner Circle Greenway has been funded, but the construction of the greenway is still working on committed funding.

Design and construction of the remainder of the path could start in fall of 2017, pending City Council approval.

Dequindre Cut

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