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Tour downtown monuments with the help of a new app

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Do you ever find yourself wandering around downtown Detroit, wishing someone would just tell you what you’re looking at? There’s now an app for that! The same company that last year released a tour app for Belle Isle has released a tour of the monuments and sculptures in downtown Detroit.

Audio-D Tours notes special features around downtown, from the fountain at Campus Martius to the sculptures atop the Old Wayne County Building to the Joe Louis Fist to the monuments in Hart Plaza.

But wait! No need to even leave the house. The tour is available online. Interested in finding out more about the Bagley Memorial Fountain? Click on #5. Want to know more about the Passo di Danza outside of Yamasaki’s Michigan Consolidated Gas Building (One Woodward). That’s #21.

So go forth, explore, and report back. And if you’re interested in the buildings near all these statues and monuments, we have a map for that.