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Fort Shelby apartments convert to condos

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There haven’t been many buying options for people looking to purchase condos downtown. Outside of the Book Cadillac, Lafayette Park and Brush Park seem to be the closest places to buy. While the Ashton Detroit will offer more in 2019, there are more condos ready immediately.

Courtesy of the Loft Warehouse

When the Fort Shelby became a Doubletree Hotel in 2008 on the first ten floors, the developers used tax credits to turn the 56 units above into apartments. Now that the time has passed for the credits, the apartments can be turned into condos, and a few of them have already listed.

They start at $280,000 for a one-bedroom and go up to $570,000 for a three-bedroom on a higher level. Six penthouses will also be available on the 21st floor, and those will run from $350,000 to $815,000.

According to the Loft Warehouse, the listing firm, four are ready now and another 19 are in the pipeline for the year as apartment leases run out. Here’s a look inside a few, which are listed on the Loft Warehouse.