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Live or work in the Geodesic domes, yours for $399K

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Live your best domelife in Detroit

Photos by Brian Kurtz

Update: The headline and neighborhood has been changed to reflect the correct location.

One of the most recognizable properties in Detroit is now up for sale. The Geodesic Domes, which sit near Michigan Central Station in Mexicantown, are basically shells at this point. Could they find a new life with the right new owner? The domes are zoned for both residential and commercial. One has an attached garage. At 4,000 square feet, they’re listing for $399,000.

They were built by Leo Gillis, Jack White’s brother. Gillis lived in them for a while, but sold them in 2012 (there are some interior pics here). It was going to be an event space, but it never came to be. These photos show more of the interior, or how it was ransacked and gutted.

The price is a bit perplexing, and it will be interesting to see who buys them and what becomes of them. It could be an incredible residence or ... you tell us. What would you like to see in these domes?

They’re listed through Chad Hooks at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

Detroit Dome House

W Verner Highway and Johnson St, Detroit, MI