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Mixed-use developments take shape in West Village

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More retail and residential is on the way

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

While much of the new development in Detroit has happened in downtown and Midtown, we’re starting to see more new development in the neighborhoods. Today we’re looking at a few developments that should be done by the end of the year.

First, the Coe is the first multi-family new construction in West Village in 20 years. It should be done by fall, and Curbed recently toured the construction site with developer Woodborn Partners, Sachse Construction, and Christian Hurtienne Architects. The developers hope this development will be a catalyst for other developments in the neighborhood.

The development will have eight two-bedroom townhouses, three one-bedroom apartments, and one studio apartment. Rents for the apartments range from $936-1,479 and townhouses will be $2,100 a month. The apartments are located on the corner of Coe and Van Dyke, above 1,100 square feet of retail space. The retail space will have a glass exterior, welcoming visitors inside.

The primary entry for the townhouses will be through the garage in the back. The first floor will have some living space, plus a nook for bike racks. The second level will be the primary living space with the kitchen and living room. The third floor will have two bedrooms.

The development has moved along quickly, with approval coming in June 2016 and completion by fall 2017.

Second floor living space in a townhouse

Corner windows in a townhouse
Back view from a townhouse
Front view from the townhouse
The third floor of the townhouses
View from the apartments
View from the apartments
Windows in the apartments

A few blocks away on Kercheval, Reimer Priester and Alex DeCamp, who renovated the Garland Building last year, are converting three duplexes into mixed-use developments. Crain’s reports that three retailers have committed to the ground floor retail space, including Metropolis Cycles, a pizza shop, and a neighborhood bar. The buildings will also have a communal, outdoor deck.

Google Street View

The group is also redeveloping a house at 8016 Kercheval, close to the Garland Building. This building will also have retail on the first floor, with residential above. These developments should be finished by the end of the year.