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Multi-family Hubbard Farms home asks $299K

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Another day, another listing in Hubbard Farms. This lovely old 1908 home is a multi-family property with two units. We’d suggest some landscaping in the front yard, perhaps. The price for this 5,247-square-foot property? $299,000.

Like many homes in this neighborhood, this house has nice woodwork intact, big windows, and fairly open rooms. Also noted: leaded glass, built-ins throughout the home, a possibly creepy basement, and a fireplace. Each of the two units has three bedrooms, and the listing says there may be space for a larger studio on the third floor. The property also has a big backyard and detached garage. It’s located on Vinewood, fairly close to I-75. It’s also near Clark Park and the shops and restaurants in Mexicantown. We’ve seen a lot of properties list over here lately; this price would have seemed unreasonable six months ago. Now we think it might have a chance. Here’s a look around.