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Here’s what you’ll see when flying over Detroit

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Pizza! Pizza!

We knew this day was coming.

As the Little Ceasars Arena prepares for its September grand opening, crews are hurrying to finish up all the details for the new hockey/basketball arena. (And yes, the lease deal for the Pistons move were signed this morning and given to the NBA; the NBA still needs to approve).

Ever since it was announced last spring that the name would be Little Caesars Arena, we knew that instead of a big Red Wings logo on the roof—which would have been amazing, by the way—in its place would be a large Little Caesars logo. Naming rights are everything in sports, friends, and this stadium was built with the help of a lot of hot and readys.

So now, anytime anyone flies over Detroit, this is what they’ll see—the largest Little Caesar in the world. You’ve been warned.

Standing at 243 feet tall, the largest Little Caesar in the world is currently taking shape on our roof. #LittleCaesarsArena

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Is there a list somewhere of large Little Caesars in the world? We’d be interested in seeing it.

Little Caesars Arena

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