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Bamboo Detroit expands their coworking space downtown

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last winter, coworking community Bamboo Detroit moved into a 6,000-square-foot space in the Julian C. Madison Building. Due to rapid growth of the start-ups and small businesses in their community, they’re adding another 3,000 square feet of space for 10-12 new offices that will accommodate 1-7 people per office.

They currently lease space on the third floor. The additional space will be located on the fourth floor of the building.

“Bamboo Detroit fosters a culture of growth unlike any other community I’ve seen,” said Co-founder & CEO Amanda Lewan. “The decision to expand so quickly after our recent move was driven by existing member businesses. Reflective of Bamboo’s motto, our members are ‘Grow[ing] Fast. Grow[ing] Strong.’ We have companies that launched their business in the open shared space and are now ready to invest in a private desk. On the other hand, we have businesses whose members are working from dedicated desks, have hired additional staff, and are now seeking the benefits of private office spaces.”

Lewan says that the companies who want to expand want to stay with Bamboo Detroit, so adding more space helps Bamboo grow with their businesses.

The Bamboo Detroit coworking community is currently home to about 250 individuals. Tenants that are expected to relocate to new offices include Catalyst Media Factory, a public relations firm; Hampton Consulting, a consulting firm, and Gayanga Co., a construction engineering firm.

Curbed visited the new offices this January. A tour through them can be seen here. The Julian C. Madison Building is located on Washington, near the Book Tower and Capitol Park.

Bamboo Detroit recently signed the lease to the space and it should be ready in early September.