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Michigan Central Station to host an event for the first time in decades

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

An iconic symbol of ruin in Detroit is giving ex-pats an opportunity to bring it back to life.

Detroit Homecoming, in its fourth year, will host an event at Michigan Central Station in hopes of sparking interest from investors and developers. A dinner will be held in September in the lobby, and attendees will be able to go up to the 13th floor to see the views of the city.

Matthew Moroun, president of the Detroit International Bridge Co. and MCS owner said work has been happening in the train station for years, including cleaning up debris, asbestos remediation, and of course, the windows that were installed a couple years ago. He said $4 million had gone into the renovation so far, and it would take over $100 million for a full renovation.

Matthew Moroun speaks at Michigan Central Station
Photo by Robin Runyan

Moroun said the renovation would be a marathon, but they were already a few miles in. They’re hoping to spark interest from those who have a connection to the city but have become successful elsewhere.

When asked where he’s at in the renovation of the building, Moroun said their ears are open. They’ve heard many ideas from investors and developers, but the challenge is finding a plan that’s both, “A great idea and economically viable.”

Mayor Mike Duggan said the train station would be an ideal location for a corporate headquarters—one that would be recognizable worldwide.

The Detroit Homecoming events have led to investments in other businesses and developments, including Orleans Landing, DuCharme Place, and the Foundation Hotel.

Let’s hear it, readers. What’s your realistic dream for one of the most iconic buildings in Detroit?

Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216