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FEMOLOGY, Detroit’s newest female coworking space, sets up shop at the Beaubien House

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This new women-owned space will allow for over 100 businesses

The Beaubien House.
Photo by James Tumey

FEMOLOGY, Detroit’s first ever community and business lounge catered to women, is set to open July 24.

Founded by Detroit native Meagan Ward, this new space is expected to offer intimate work spaces with desks and office chairs, a lounge, coffee station, and filming equipment. Guests will also have access to a “women’s library” and mailboxes. Over 100 women-owned brands in the community are expected to set up shop at FEMOLOGY.

To join FEMOLOGY, membership rates range from $25 per day to $79 per month and finally $129 per month. Each membership rate allows different options, such as conference room access, workshops and events, a business address, and event space access.

FEMOLOGY will be located at 553 East Jefferson at The Beaubien House, otherwise known as the Charles Trombly House. This historic home was constructed in 1851 and served as the headquarters for the Michigan Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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