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Photos: Kites fill the sky over Belle Isle

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We’ll gladly go fly a kite

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Ah, summertime in Michigan. We’ve had so many gorgeous days this year, and Sunday found us outside on breezy Belle Isle. The inaurgural Detroit Kite Festival hosted about 1,000 people of all ages who attended the festivities, which brings back Belle Isle’s rich kite-flying tradition. Our photographers Michelle & Chris Gerard captured some of the sights in the sky and on the ground.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The festival was full of interactive activities, including kite-making and kite flying competition from TechShop Detroit. The Detroit Public Library also hosted a pop-up museum with information about kite history in Detroit.

The first of many Detroit Kite Festivals was a free, family-friendly event produced in partnership with Belle Isle Conservancy​, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources​, and the Detroit Institute of Arts​, with sponsorships and grants from Fresh Era Detroit​ and Michigan Economic Development Corporation​.

We kind of love this idea, and any learning activity for families in one of the city’s great outdoor spaces. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the views.