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Finish renovating this North End home, yours for $198.5K

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In the past few weeks, we’ve seen some interesting listings in the North End. This giant two-family home still needed some work and listed for $165,000, while this nice single-family home was dated, but not in bad shape, and up for $95,000. This latest listing is a two-family home with a full rehab started. It’s located a block up from West Grand Boulevard and a block away from Woodward, so it’s close to both the QLINE and the Fisher Building. It’s listing for $198,500.

This two-family home is dated to 1905 and has a big front porch and bay windows. It’s over 2,300 square feet, with five bedrooms and two baths. The location is closer to more activity than the others that have come up recently, and this could be a good opportunity to live in one and fix up the other, or draw income from both units. It’s listed through Darin McLeskey at Denovo Real Estate. Added note from Darin: the owner is willing to take 30% down and 7% interest for 5 years as a land contract.