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Storied La Salle Gardens mansion sells for $230K at market

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Photos courtesy of Al Block, RE/MAX First

Earlier this spring, we saw a memorable home go up for sale in La Salle Gardens. The house stands out in its grand exterior, but looking closer, you’ll see the reminders of its history. In 1967, the house was raided during the riot, and cited as an “ammunition dump.”

The house is much bigger than most others in the area, and although plenty of original detailing still remained, it’s a total rehab. It listed for $269,900 and closed last month for $230,000. Curbed recently chatted with agent Al Block about selling this special kind of house.

Block says that when the listing went up, he received calls from all over the country, and even Dubai. Most who called wouldn’t be able to get the house because it takes a special kind of mortgage, considering the amount of work it needs. He said he received many offers, but some wouldn’t put them in writing. Note: if you’re serious, put it in writing. It went to a local resident who plans on living there and restoring it. The new owner spent a lot of time on inspections and the price went down after those inspections.

It’s a grand house, just over 5,400 square feet with a lot of original detailing left. We’re wishing the best to the new owner. Here are a few more photos inside and around the house.