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Church of Scientology to finally renovate its downtown building

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They’ve owned it for 10 years

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A couple years ago, we thought the Church of Scientology might do something with their building at the corner of Griswold and Jefferson. They’ve owned the Standard Savings Building since 2007. In 2015, they went to the Historic District Commission with plans for a rooftop deck, a flashy sign, and restoration of the interior. The HDC wasn’t thrilled with all the plans, so it was tabled for a while.

Now, Kirk Pinho of Crain’s reports the the Church has been issued building permits, and they will start renovations “soon.” The interior and exterior renovations could run about $8 million. According to Crain’s,

"The building will house the Church of Scientology of Detroit and is part of the Church's international program to service its parishioners in 'ideal' Churches," Karin Pouw, international spokeswoman for the church, said in an email to Crain's on Wednesday.

"The Church will have a chapel, rooms for parishioners to study the religion and public areas for community meetings and activities."

The building sits across from Hart Plaza, next to the 25-story 150 West Jefferson, owned by Redico.