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Development notes: GMRenCen nixes LED screen, Olympia looks to buy Cass Tech field, more

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GM Ren Cen

In January 2016, we told you about the new renovations happening at the GM Ren Center, including a giant LED screen covering the People Mover stop on Jefferson. Sorry if y’all were really excited about that. Crain’s is reporting that the exterior renovations, including the LED screen, are on hold for right now. They are working on finishing the interior renovations that should be completed by the end of the year.

What doesn’t Olympia own around the District Detroit? The Detroit Free Press is reporting that they’re looking to buy the Cass Tech athletic field and the site of the old Cass Tech Building. According to this report, they’ve been talking with the Cass Tech Alumni Association to acquire the field and build the team a new facility somewhere else. According to the Free Press,

“Despite being home to one of the state's football powerhouses, Cass Tech's football field leaves something to be desired. The field has no running track around it,” [vice president of the Cass Tech Alumni Association Ray] Litt said. And because Cass Tech’s football field is grass instead of an artificial surface like many schools have, daily practice there is not recommended. The team practices on a field more than a mile away.”

The school board would have to sign off on this plan, if it were to go through.

In Capitol Park, Eatori Market is scheduled to open in August. Announced last winter, the 2,500-square-foot specialty market in the Malcomson Building will have a bar/restaurant up front, plus dry goods, fresh produce, prepared foods, a soup and salad bar, and beer and wine located behind the restaurant.

Courtesy of Kyle Evans Design

An art deco railing inspired the design. “We incorporated the iron railings into custom bar ledges and they served as inspiration for the Eatori logo and branding aesthetics,” said Kyle Evans, principal, Kyle Evans Design. “The building has a clean, bright appearance with simple detailing and a nod to the art deco era.”

A scissor gate was also added to separate the restaurant from the market. “It feels like a vintage elevator gate, and separates the two spaces to allow Eatori to transition from fully-operational market to a nightlife destination,” Evans said.

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