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Restore this Boston-Edison beauty, yours for $525K

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via Estately

Real estate in Boston-Edison has been downright bonkers this year. We just saw a beautiful historic home list for just over $1 million, and another lowered its price after somehow, someway listing for $1.5 million. Could the Motown Mansion finally sell this year? The Fisher mansion went for $1.25 million. We’ve also seen some gorgeous historic listings throughout that side of the Lodge.

But the west side of the Lodge is a different, changing story. The houses there are still grand, but a bit smaller and closer together. Many need to be renovated. But there’s been a lot of activity and renovations this past year, including a few big sales and some stellar listings.

So here we have a house that no doubt is beautiful, and we can see the grandeur that it once had. Looking through the photos, the dollar signs start adding up in regards to what should be done with it. The exterior needs work. The interior is elegant, but dated. At over 5,000 square feet, it will take a lot to bring it back. It’s located just west of the Lodge on Boston Boulevard, and it’s listing for $525,000.

There’s a lot to like about this seven bedroom house, including the stonework outside, the built-ins inside, and a carriage house in back. It just seems like a lot of work. And that price is pushing it. And this is a little thing, but a visible thing: it deserves a better fence. Considering the work and the state it’s in, what do you think, Curbed readers?