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QLINE updates: increased ridership, more cars running, first accident

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The QLINE has been running since mid-May and it’s been going through some growing pains. It still remains free to ride through Labor Day, and the M-1 Rail has been making improvements throughout the summer.

According to the M-1 Rail, ridership has increased from about 4,000 trips per day of the week on June 12 to about 6,300 trips per day the week of July 17. Five streetcars are now running between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The wait time for a streetcar, one big complaint that riders had, has decreased during that time from 19 minutes to 16:49, taking about 6 minutes off a round trip ride according to the M-1 Rail. They’re aiming for 15 minute wait times, ideally.

In addition, M-1 says they’ve hired more operators. They started with 17, they’re now at 21, and aiming for 27 when they start charging riders in September.

Additionally, signal priority has been implemented at a few stops and they’re only stopping at stations that have riders waiting or indicating to stop. Charge times for the streetcar have also been reduced.

M-1 says they’ve issued 30 tickets and towed seven cars for obstructing the rail line. Please, we’ve said it before, do not park along the rail line!

While these improvements are moving in the right direction, the QLINE did have its first bigger accident this week. On Monday, a driver turned right in front of the streetcar at Ferry Street. The streetcar had minor damages, but was running again shortly thereafter, according to the Detroit News.

Have your experiences changed on the QLINE since it first started running? Are you riding it regularly? Share your experiences below or let us know on the tip line.