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Rehab this handsome North End home, yours for $95K

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Must love linoleum

Photos courtesy of Great Lakes Real Estate Agency

We hadn’t seen too many homes list in the North End this year, but now we’re starting to see more come up on the market. Last week, we saw this large property on Chandler list for $165K. This new listing on Philadelphia also needs substantial work, but this one could be a lot more manageable. It’s just over 2,500 square feet and it’s listing for $95,000.

The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two fireplaces, and so much linoleum. Some of the pictures show hardwood in a couple rooms; perhaps more could be discovered elsewhere. The stairways is quite nice and the downstairs rooms seem to be big. A kitchen would be nice, though. We love a good porch, and this house delivers on that. We’d love to see more homes restored in the North End, and curious to see what happens here and in New Center in the coming years. This home is listed through Zach Kilgore at Great Lakes Real Estate.