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In Islandview, the first Saint Charles Residences list for sale

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Courtesy of the Loft Warehouse

New condos are currently under construction in Islandview. The Saint Charles Residences broke ground in May on Townsend Street, right between East Grand Boulevard and West Village. The renovation of the old school (led by Banyan Investments) will bring 25 condos in its first phase, with more construction planned on the street. Five penthouses will be built atop the school, with one taking up the entire south end of the building.

The first condos to list range give us an idea of what to expect in design and price point. The prices are running about $275-315 per square foot. That means a one-bedroom, one bath unit at just under 900 square feet is listing for $253,800, while a three-bedroom, two and a half bath at over 1,700 square feet is listing for $487,400.

The design features light, sleek fixtures with dark wood floors. The property will have many community spaces, including a fitness center, bike storage and repair, and a large first floor lobby. The first phase of the project should be done in Spring 2018 and they’re listed through Adam Soroka at the Loft Warehouse.