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Renovated Corktown home drops price, asks just over $292K

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Real estate generally moves quickly in Corktown. The neighborhood is full of Victorian homes, lofts, shops, restaurants, and parks, and it’s close to downtown and the Riverfront. We’re seeing a few properties hit the market in the past week, including this renovated house that originally listed for $314,710 a week ago. The two bedroom, two and a half bath home that dates back to the late 1800s is now down to $292,205.

The house is just over 1,600 square feet, with a lovely bay window in the front, an open kitchen with an industrial vibe, and a deck and new fencing in the backyard. No garage, but there is a fenced, paved car pad. The bathrooms have new fixtures, and there’s laundry and walk-in closets on the second floor. It’s located on Bagley Street near Rosa Parks Boulevard, close to Honey Bee Market and the shops at Bagley and Trumbull.