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Corktown cottage lists for $237K

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Photos by James Tumey

We recently made a map of potential starter homes in Detroit. Prices and sizes of homes vary widely between neighborhoods. We didn’t feature any homes in Corktown because they’re hard to come by and when they list, they’re listing for a lot. So here we have an 800-square-foot cottage that is absolutely adorable. The interior is pretty fabulous as well. Basically, the cost to get into the neighborhood right now is $237,000.

It’s a lofty feel for a cottage, with soaring wood beams, industrial fixtures, and plank wood floors. The 117-year-old house is a shotgun style, common to New Orleans architecture. The kitchen, right in the middle of the space, has a porcelain sink and granite counters. There’s a small sitting space out front and a shed and fire pit out back. It’s super cute, and likely a good choice for one person or a couple who’s looking to buy near downtown. Bedroom? There’s room for one, we hear.

It’s located at 1333 Labrosse, near Mudgie’s. It’s listed through James Tumey at Friedman Real Estate (586-419-6271).