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For $99K, a century-old bank building with original vault

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Images via LoopNet

This week, we seem to be dreaming of what we could do with a lot of properties around Detroit. This bank building that just listed on West Warren Avenue (near 94) has some really cool original details left, including its original walk-in Diebold Vault (the doors themselves sell for thousands on eBay). The sale includes five parcels including the building and adjacent lots. It’s listing for $99,000.

Yes, it was converted to a drug store in the 1980s, but it was built as a bank in 1917. Old records show it was listed as the Peninsular State Bank in 1922.

According to listing broker Sam Szabla, the vault has a larger five-foot by four-foot currency safe, a three-foot by five-foot coin safe, and a four-foot by two-foot document safe, and from the street to the inside there’s a deposit vault. The building itself is 3,500 square feet, with terrazzo floors and marble trim; the 1980s remodel gave it a second floor mezzanine. There’s also a full basement with storage and offices.

Note: The only showing dates for this building for prospective buyers are August 30 and September 9.

Let’s hear it. What might be a good use for this building?