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Lululemon is setting up shop in downtown Detroit

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Bedrock on Twitter

Yoga and fitness fans, rejoice! Everyone’s favorite yoga pants purveyor is moving into the recently vacated space at 1459 Woodward Avenue.

The spot, on the corner of Woodward and Clifford Street, was most recently home to Kit & Ace, who closed all brick & mortar retail locations in the U.S. There’s a definite theme in new retailers on this stretch of Woodward in recent years; both Nike and Under Armour have opened stores right down the street.

According to MLive, the store will be opening up later this fall.

The location is right across the street from the new Hudson’s site development, and across from the Shinola Hotel development. Bedrock, who is managing both of those major developments, also owns this building, which is home to WeWork and a neighboring Warby Parker store.

After signs started showing up earlier in the storefront, Bedrock confirmed today that the athletic-wear retailer would be moving in.