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What is Eminem's suburban Michigan mansion worth today?

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Update: This article was originally posted on December 22, 2011 and has been updated in August 2017 with the most recent information.

When rapper Eminem bought this mansion in 2003, he paid $4,750,000 for this six-bedroom 9.5-bathroom whopper (which, to our dismay, has yet to be on MTV's Cribs). So how are things looking for the property value after the great recession of 2008? [Ed note: Assessed values are typically 50% of the home value so when he bought it it should have been assessed for 2,375,000] Not so good by the numbers. They are saying it was last assessed in 2009 for $1,821,980. According to the Oakland County website, it got even worse in 2010 and dropped to $1,513,200. Ouch. No wonder he writes such angry rap songs. Could Slim Shady’s star power would help move the 15,000 square feet along as a listing? In addition to bragging rights, you'll get 21 rooms and that tennis court.

As of August 2017, this house has just been listed for $1,999,000. The current listing has it at five bedrooms and seven and a half baths. Still no word on what it looks like inside. Sweet pool, though.

Eminem's House

5760 Winkler Mill Rd, Rochester Hills, MI