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New mural appears on renovated New Center parking structure

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Courtesy of The Platform

The Platform continues its work renovating multiple properties in New Center. The development group who owns the Fisher Building recently invested $6.5 million into renovating a New Center parking structure across from Northern Lights Lounge, including the addition of a new mural.

The mural, titled “Automatic Transmission,” was created by muralist WC Bevan. According to a release by the Platform, his black and white mural has a focus on “visual movement, imaginary architecture, and exotic rhythms.”

Bevan says that “this mural is an expanded thought on the automatic transmission, the actual machine and the poetic interpretation of that machine, like automatic writing.” He says the mural is also influenced by the Art Deco patterns and architecture in New Center.

It covers the east and west walls along Second and Third avenues.

In addition to the mural, the renovation of the 837-space structure started last fall, and included structural repairs, new LED lighting, and installation of cameras, access system, and safety phones. The new lighting will cut electricity usage at the garage by 70 percent.

The Platform is working on a number of projects throughout New Center and beyond. They’ve added more retail options to the arcade, as well as rotating art installations. They’re also renovating the Albert Kahn Building, and constructing Third & Grand, a new apartment complex near the Fisher Building.