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Solar eclipse 2017: Where to find eclipse glasses in Detroit

Do not stare at the sun

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

On Monday, August 21, the U.S. will see day turning into night in the form of a solar eclipse. While we won’t have a total eclipse here in Michigan (we’ll see about a 79% eclipse), it’s important to remember to not stare directly at it. We know it’s tempting; just don’t.

While many places are reportedly running out of eclipse glasses, we’ve rounded up a few options to keep in mind as the day approaches. It might be best to call area stores (Kroger, Walmart, Target) ahead of time to see if they still have them in stock. Do you have any tips or locations that we missed? Hit us up on the tip line or comment below. Still looking for a place to watch the events? We have a map for that.

Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center will be holding activities on Monday to celebrate the eclipse. They’ll even have free glasses for the first 400 people. These will only be available on the day of the event, so plan accordingly.

A local library

StarNet has distributed millions of glasses to libraries across the country. In the metro Detroit area, we see plenty of places to check out, including Allen Park, Grosse Pointe, the Wilder Branch, and the Redford Township District Library. Here’s a screenshot of local libraries; click here and/or call the nearest branch to see what you can find.

This map shows the location of libraries hosting eclipse events in the August 21, 2017 eclipse. Credit: STAR_Net's NASA@ My Library initiative, Space Science Institute, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, NASA, and Google.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker locations across the country have been gearing up for the eclipse by giving away eclipse glasses and educating people on the eclipse. According to the Detroit News, the Detroit location is sold out, but like many others, they hope to have more in stock on Saturday. A call confirmed to check in with the store (don’t call), and they have pinhole projector templates here.