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LinkedIn to open new office in downtown Detroit

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve heard some rumors over the past few weeks, and it’s true. LinkedIn will be opening a new office in Detroit—their first new office in the United States in ten years.

The job search and networking site is still looking for the right office space downtown, but they plan to open in the fourth quarter of 2017. They’ve started hiring for a variety of jobs already.

In a blog post by Senior Vice President of Global Solutions Mike Gamson, he says they chose Detroit after looking at ten different cities across the country. “[W]e believe the Motor City presents a unique opportunity for LinkedIn to hire top talent and be a part of an exciting economic turnaround story. This new office gives us a chance to marry LinkedIn’s uniquely powerful culture with Detroit’s dynamic talent to create economic opportunity for our employees, the city and our company.”

The office will be sales-focused and they hope to get their first employees in within a few months. They’re looking for a temporary space to get started, then a more permanent location. Any suggestions for a space, Curbed readers?