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Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue building starts power washing, facade improvements

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

Located in the heart of a lot of redevelopment and improvements going on in Detroit, one of the most recognizable and unique buildings downtown is getting spruced up. The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, the cool triangular building with the colorful windows, is finally getting power washed with exterior improvements on the way.

Executive Director Arlene Frank tells Curbed that the alley side and north side were washed last week and the front facade this week. More improvements are coming this fall, with a roof replacement and new fire escape. In the spring, expect a large mural to be painted on the back wall. Frank says she’s not sure if/when the building has undergone a power washing like this (does anyone out there know?)

The building is situated close to many major renovations downtown. It’s just down the street from the David Stott Building, and you can see the Book Tower, which has undergone its own power washing for the first time in decades, behind the Synagogue. Across the street is 28 Grand, and many other buildings in the Capitol Park district continue to undergo renovations.