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The Peacock Room to open flagship store in gorgeous Fisher Building retail space

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Photo by Hannah Robar

The Fisher Building continues to add retail options. A few months ago, Rachel Lutz’s YAMA, a modern women’s clothing store, was announced as opening in the Fisher Building this fall. Now, her well-known Peacock Room is adding a bigger location in a gorgeous space in the Fisher Building.

The current Peacock Room in the Park Shelton will remain open. This new location will open in October with three times the space, and Lutz hopes it will attract more foot traffic in New Center. The windows and entrance will face Second Avenue, where Fisher Theatre-goers enter the Fisher Building.

The space apparently had drop ceilings before. It still has a winding staircase, an original elevator, and a mezzanine. Lutz says they’ll add crystal chandeliers and hand-painted finishes as they get the space ready.

Photos by Robin Runyan

The boutique will also have a small bridal selection for non-traditional brides who want a vintage-inspired look.

Midtown Detroit Inc.’s Sue Mosey spoke at the announcement, saying we’ll be hearing about more retail opening in New Center in the near future.

Peter Cummings of the Platform, who owns the Fisher Building, said, “The addition of The Peacock Room flagship and YAMA will bring a great retailer with a strong following to the Fisher Building. New Center will become once again a retail hub for Detroit, with authentic local brands leading the way.”

Fisher Building

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