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Solar eclipse 2017: Photos from around Detroit

We made it! The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 swept the nation today, and Detroit, for the most part, had sunny skies at least at the peak 79% eclipse. The muggy day saw people streaming out of their offices, staring at the sky with special eclipse glasses or staring down into homemade pinhole boxes.

We didn’t get to see a full eclipse here in the north, but to get an idea of what totality looked like through the middle of the country, we have a roundup here.

When will Detroit see another solar eclipse? We only have to wait just under seven years; one will sweep through on April 8, 2024. Totality will be much closer that time around; we’ll have to take a road trip to Ohio to see the full eclipse.

Many Detroiters watched from sidewalks and parks, while others gathered at museums and libraries. The Michigan Science Center held a big viewing party, which is where we start.

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The eclipse provided a nice break from work downtown.

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half and half.

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Gotta get that Hot and Ready.

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And the DIA posted some famous faces catching the eclipse back in 1932.