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Development Notes: Moose Lodge speculation, historic church crumbling, more

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Plus artist studios in the Fisher Building

A few weeks ago, we talked about prominent dormant buildings in Detroit that deserved some attention. One of those buildings is the Moose Lodge Building on Cass, which sits among the Ilitch sea of parking lots behind the Fox Theater. Kirk Pinho of Crain’s reports that documents have been filed by Olympia for asbestos cleanup and abatement. Could something finally be happening here soon? An announcement from Olympia would be nice. Did we mention the building is in close proximity to the new Beacon Park? Sounds like quite the opportunity.

It hasn’t been a great summer for old churches in the city. We’ve been watching the crumbling spire-story at the Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Midtown. Now, the First Congregational Church at East Forest and Woodward, built in 1891, is crumbling. It’s another reminder that these big, old buildings take a lot of maintenance and money to stay in tact.

Here’s a photo as of last week.

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While we still don’t know the full plans for the restoration of the Fisher Building, bits and pieces keep coming out. A few weeks ago, we learned of more retail moving in this fall. Now the Detroit News is reporting that one floor will be converted to artist studios. According to the Detroit News,

“The “white box” studios will range from 250 square feet to 2,750 square feet for collective spaces, all offered at $15 a square foot. For the smallest, that works out to about $350 a month. After a three-year introductory period, rates will rise into the low-$20s.”

Artists setting up in the Detroit’s Largest Art Object. Seems like a good fit.

Ever since hearing that the Harmonie Club building housing the Carr Center would be renovated into a boutique hotel, we’ve wondered what might happen to the Carr Center. According to Crain’s, the arts group will be temporarily moving into a Bedrock-owned space on lower Woodward. The building is at 1505 Woodward, across from the Wright-Kay Building. The group will be leasing 4,500 square feet of ground floor space until they can find a long-term plan.

Are there any rumors or notes you’ve heard around Detroit lately? Let us know on the tip line.

Fisher Building

3011 West Grand Boulevard, , MI 48202