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Historic brownstone offers up elegant downtown office space

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

There’s a lot of talk lately about the lack of office space downtown. Dan Gilbert has mentioned it often, and has numerous projects in the works to renovate old buildings or construct new ones in order to provide more offices. Companies like Adient are buying up buildings in order to renovate and move employees in. It’s rare when we see beautiful space ready for a business to move in. This new listing might be perfect for a law office, or ready for a design firm or start-up. It sits right next to the Beaubien House, which is now being used for coworking space, and across from the Renaissance Center. At 12,000 square feet, it’s listing for $15 per square foot per year.

The building has incredible details (hardware, doors, big windows) and each room has its own style. It certainly looks like it could use some new eyes to refresh the decor, but we appreciate the varying types of flooring throughout the space. It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate.