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Sold home updates from around Detroit: late summer edition

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It has been a busy month in the real estate market here in Detroit, and while we recently updated our map of the most expensive homes sold this year, many other notable homes have closed in the past few weeks. We picked five of our favorites from this year to share this time around. Did we miss one of your favorites? Have you seen one we should mention? Let us know in the comments or on the tip line.

Photos by Jason Grube

Nothing but love for this Prairie-style Boston-Edison home, which may be the best house we’ve seen in this neighborhood all year. It sits on a corner lot across from Voigt Park, and has been maintained beautifully throughout the years. The woodwork is exceptional. It listed for $399,900 and sold for $401,000.

Also in Boston-Edison, this gorgeous home is steeped with baseball history. The house was owned for years by Tigers owner Frank Navin, and we can only imagine the conversations held here. This listing had great details (including the room-sized vault above), but needed someone to bring it back to its glory. It listed for $395,000 this spring (when there was still hope for the Tigers) and recently sold for $325,000.

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve seen a lot of listings in Hubbard Farms recently, and their asking price is heading north. This four bedroom home had great details, but could use some updating. It listed in June for $269,000 and sold for $277,000.

How much for a fixer upper in the North End these days? This handsome home on Philadelphia Street needed a full rehab, and it listed for $95,000. We didn’t think it would, but it ended up selling over asking for $100,000.

We absolutely loved this house on the tree-lined, pedestrian-only Pallister Street in New Center. The house was move-in ready with great original detailing. It listed in early July for $315,000 and sold for $313,000.