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The Shinola Hotel takes shape in downtown Detroit

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Checking in on construction before its 2018 debut

Michelle & Chris Gerard

In 2018, three new hotels will open in downtown Detroit, all within a few blocks of each other. First, The Siren Hotel at the Wurlitzer Building should open in late 2017. The Element Hotel at the Metropolitan Building, right around the corner, is slated to open sometime in 2018. And right on Woodward, across from the Hudson’s site, the Shinola Hotel—a collaboration between Bedrock and Shinola—will open.

The main building is located at 1400 Woodward Avenue, but much of the block is in the process of transformation. The hotel will extend halfway down the block, and the older buildings that were in place didn’t work with the design plan. Three buildings were demoed and recently, the new structures have started to rise in their place.

Bedrock tells Curbed that demolition has been completed along Woodward and ground up construction on three infill buildings is well underway. The façades will have varying colors and finishes, with an intent to fit with the design of the historic streetscape.

So far, according to Bedrock,

  • 3,600 tons of debris has been removed from the site
  • 250 tons of steel has been installed
  • 144 wood windows have been removed, with replica window installation beginning in September
  • 309 pieces of damaged terra cotta have been removed, with replacement starting in October

When completed, the hotel will have 130 rooms, retail and restaurant space along Woodward, and an activated alley behind the hotel, building a stronger connection to the Element and Siren Hotels nearby. Renderings of the alley and hotel, along with early construction photos, can be found here.

1400 Woodward

1400 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226