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Preservationists rally around threatened Cass Corridor buildings

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

Preservationists gathered outside the Atlanta Apartments in Cass Corridor today, as questions loom around the fate of it and the neighboring Hotel Ansonia and 427 Henry.

The Olympia-owned properties in the shadow of the new Little Caesars Arena were set for demo earlier this year, until preservationists fought for an interim Historic Designation, citing the lack of early 20th century buildings left in the area.

City Council member Scott Benson told Curbed today that the interim Historic Designation was replaced with a Historic District study, which gives them the same level of protection that the designation would give them. The buildings should be on the agenda for the October 12 HDAB meeting.

Earlier this week, Homrich trucks were onsite, sparking discussion of possible demolition. Olympia has said that, “Routine abatement is being conducted on numerous properties – including these – throughout The District Detroit as we continue to evaluate possibilities for future development.”

Preservationists vocalized their concern for the future of these buildings, citing Olympia’s track record with demolition in the area.

Crews were told to leave the site yesterday when it became known that there was no permit pulled for abatement.

When the Park Avenue Hotel was demolished two years ago for a loading dock, Olympia promised to rehab 15 buildings in the district. So far, they’ve announced plans to rehab four.