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For $264K, a renovated East Village duplex

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Here we go

We’ve seen a lot of real estate activity in a few neighborhoods in Detroit this year, especially Boston-Edison, Hubbard Farms, and Islandview. While Islandview is the western part of the Villages as a whole, could we start to see more happening on the east side? This East Village multi-family home, located on Fischer right off Jefferson, was bought five months ago for $81,000. It’s been renovated and it’s now listing for $264,000.

As for the location, it shares an alley with Burns in Indian Village, and it’s just across the street from the river. The house is just over 2,000 square feet, with updated systems throughout. The house is full of hardwood floors and restored wood accents and built-ins. The kitchens and bathrooms are all new. Live in one and rent out the other, or rent both for an income property? What do you think of the price, Curbed readers? It’s listed through the Loft Warehouse.