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Should better bike lanes be added to the Belle Isle Bridge?

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Protect our cyclists!

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Next year, the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle will be undergoing improvements. Perhaps this is a good time to think big and add some much needed mobility improvements at the same time?

According to the project site, improvements include epoxy overlay, joint replacement, and sidewalk repair. While they’re at it, Detroit Greenways is suggesting that they think about creating better bike lanes to create easier access to and from the island.

Detroit Greenways has sent a letter to MDOT, the DNR, and the City planning department in order to express their concern over the bike lanes on the bridge. Currently, bike lanes are very narrow and aren’t protected, meaning debris from the road often ends up in the bike lanes, creating more hazards for cyclists. Many cyclists opt to use the sidewalks instead, which should just be for pedestrians.

This is an especially pertinent time to think about it since in the coming years, the Uniroyal site between Mt. Elliott Park and Belle Isle will be cleaned up, extending the bike path along the Riverfront to Belle Isle.

Detroit Greenways has an idea they posted on Twitter today. Take into account, this is all in the early stages. Thoughts on what could happen with the bridge?